Maximize Your Email Marketing!

Hello… I’m Jack Taylor and welcome to Instant Sales Strategies

What is Instant Sales Strategies?

Instant Sales Strategies is a consulting company that’s totally focused on maximizing your companies email profits and marketing from initially capturing your visitors/prospects email to developing a relationship with your new prospect / client and then maximizing the sales to your customer list using proven customized email / direct mail strategies.

How do we do that together for your company?

Well the first priority is capturing your prospects email address and the reality is that you only have 8 seconds to do that. Is your website interesting to your visitor and does it capture their attention immediately ?

So Whats In It For Your Visitor to Sign Up?

What you want to be doing with your visitors is offering an irresistible bribe to them in exchange for their email address so that you can follow up with them a number of times. As I’m sure you know most sales aren’t made until after the 5th time someone’s been shown your companies information

So How do we do that for your business in 8 seconds ???

An eBook With Attention-Grabbing Information Will Engage Your Prospects!

ISS Sample 2(1)
Easy really … Just Like the ebook you see here we can create a visually appealing eBook on your website with a compelling message customized for your business to grab your visitors attention and make them want to do business with you. Prospects will “get to know you” as they read your eBook and will be more likely to convert into buying customers. You’ll show them you’re the best at what you do and that what you offer uniquely suits their needs….

A Welcome Video Greeting Is Also A Great Idea !

Or an even better way to engage with your new visitor is a personal welcome video that greets your prospect and introduces yourself and what your company does with the emphasis again on what’s in it for your potential customer along with answering the key questions and objections they commonly have so that they pick you to solve their problems now.

ISS Sample 2(2)Together we can script a welcome video just like the one your watching now for your business to answer the burning questions on your visitors minds and answer objections they may have to maximize your conversions of visitors to prospects and then customers. At the end of this video you’ll want a call to action. What do you want them to do ? Sign up for a newsletter? , sign up for an instruction video series? , sign up for a free consultation? , or perhaps to activate a chat box below to speak with someone right now or call a special phone number.

Just like the video your watching right now your video should be front and center and presented just as soon as a visitor arrives at your site much like you or your sales staff would greet a potential new client coming into your store or office.

To make your website come alive and really start to improve your sales for your business with these simple tools just call me or fill out the form that just appeared now with your key information and I’ll be in touch shortly!