If you already have an email list for your company or you’re well on the way to building one then you should congratulate yourself!

…Really! Most of the companies I talk too are just now starting to create lists. Hopefully this puts you in a position where you’re ahead of your competition. But, and if you’ve lived long enough like I have you know there’s always a but , are you maximizing the relationship, sales, and revenue from your list yet ? If not you can bet as competition gets fiercer in this economy your competitors will learn how to.

If they do before your company does there’s a chance you’ll lose customers and have an even harder time gaining new ones. Now not all is lost just because you may have had mediocre results in your campaigns, or you’ve been putting them off because you haven’t found the time or budgets to execute them .

Without proven strategies, email marketing really can be a hit or miss prospect at best, and unfortunately if you do it incorrectly your promotions can back fire and you can even alienate your customers and prospects.

That’s where there’s good news…

I’ve used and discovered many email specific marketing campaigns and strategies that have fantastic success rates across multiple industries and businesses that maximize your list and companies potential profits. Working with your company we can customize a campaign that will work for you. Not experimental campaigns that have a possibility of working, but actual campaigns that have worked for my company and others that together we can customize to your businesses marketing needs whatever they might be.

These campaigns are so successful that I’ve come to call them Instant Email Strategies. Why? – because the results are almost instant and they certainly will bring a smile to your face and instant profit from an asset you’ve never really fully used. In fact many of the companies that have used these strategies have seen real returns and increased profits of over 30% on product or service sales in several days! In fact I just did a promotion for my own Golf School and in one week generated over $30,000 in pre-sold lessons!
…With one series of four (4) emails!

Here’s a brief listing of just some of the Instant Email Strategies that can be customized to your business

Initial engagement – Initial email confirmation of order. As these emails have a high opening rate you can use it to place Up-sells / Down-sells and your best selling products in them

Product Replenishment campaign – remind customers when their product needs to be replenished / serviced or their warranty is about to expire.

Customer Retention campaign – staying in touch with your new customers with new information and offers you think they should know about. This can be done with timely emails or your branded e- Newsletter.

Loyalty/Best customer campaign – recognize and reward your best customers with exclusive offers

Purchase-Cycle Programs – Cross Sell – send a cross sell email to your customers about a non competitive product or service

Customer Reactivation programs – re-engage customers that have not purchased again within a certain time frame with a well designed email and/or postcard offer

Strategic Partnerships – What is a strategic partnership ? A strategic partnership could be as simple as a partnership between your company and your list of customers and another where we offer your companies customers the opportunity to buy another companies products that fit well with your products , but aren’t in direct competition or conflict with you.

There are many products and services that your customers would appreciate knowing about and buying. But they can’t always tell which products are good or which companies to trust. With a carefully chosen offer you can use that trust you’ve worked so hard to build to multiply your profits by endorsing and selling the partner companies products or services to your list.

In return, you get an agreed upon revenue split or share of the profits generated from these offers.

Typically the sales process involves a custom designed sequential email campaign which limits both the cost and risk for both ends of the deal while at the same time maximizing the sales and marketing opportunity . Results can be immediate and very exciting!

Ask us about how to best start or manage your next Strategic Partnership today!

To find out how we can organize an email campaign for your company just give me a call or shoot me an email!