Its a wonderful scene pictured above but imagine if this was their first date ?

Nobody wants to be proposed to on the first date …

When you want to marry – if that’s the end goal – doesn’t it first start with talking and flirting and connecting over several dates over many weeks and months if not years? It doesn’t happen during your first meeting .

Nobody wants to be SOLD to on the first meeting …

Its the same with potential customers and prospects… Connecting with customers makes them way more likely to buy. When you start to talk to them and gain their trust and show them that you know your stuff or that your product or service really is the best solution for them you’ll not only make the first sale more easily but you’ll also be creating a customer with a lot greater “Lifetime Customer Value”

We’ve found the best way to connect with a customer is to try to educate the customer in an entertaining and personal way on how to use products or services to make their life better.

By educating them you don’t have to force people to buy your stuff or trick them. Customers come back more often – they listen closely to what you say – They refund way less than average – and they spend more money because they trust you

Now its hard to spend the time to introduce yourself to every potential customer you meet because the day is already too long and that where technology helps us with an autoresponder series. An autoresponder series is just a customized set of emails that you send out automatically that shows and tells your potential customer everything you know they need to know to help them make a good decision about getting involved with you and your product or service. How do the get this series? Its simple really … all we do is set up several well designed forms on your site ( similar to the ones on this site) to capture their email address or work together with you to create some sort of form or mechanism in your business to capture your customers email address. With this series ( or multiple series) you can create long term relationships as well as handle regular follow up tasks you may be doing with staff at a much greater expense. Now this series of emails can be just written content or a series of informative videos that really help your potential customer get to know you , like you , trust you , and most importantly, want to do business with you.

Isn’t it time you started developing a longer profitable relationship with your customers with an autoresponder ?