Are You Easily Find-able in Today’s Market but Your Phone’s Still Not Ringing ?

Your internet presence is great. In fact, you’re on the front page of search engines. But your business isn’t growing. Your phone’s not ringing and no extra buying customers are coming through your door.

Does Your Current Internet Advertising Convert Visitors Into Customers?

If you are in business to make money, then your Internet presence should have a sole purpose. Convert visitors into prospects so you can turn those prospects into paying customers! When you have a good internet presence – but prospects still aren’t calling – the problem may be what they’re seeing when they first visit your site.

When a prospect arrives at your site is there anything there that within the first 8 seconds captures their attention and tells them “What’s In It For Them?”

Most websites are missing the most important element. A compelling message that makes the viewer want to “pick you.” Does your landing page or home page entice them with the information that they’re actively craving?

You’ve set up a pop up or some other sign up form on the main landing page of your web site. That’s a great start but is it performing well? Is it converting the maximum number of visitors into customers? and have you tested this yet?

To really know if you’re maximizing your online sales you want to set up a landing page system and test out your offers. Here are two examples of the best landing page designs I’ve come across recently…

The first landing page example is amazing … an introductory video greets you and when its finished a pop up asks you immediately for an appointment while the rest of the page giving you professional reasons to do business with them as well as testimonials – excellent really…

Click on this link and check it out and make sure your speakers are on

The second example of a great landing page is the CHIP reverse mortgage page. Notice that there is only ONE choice for a visitor to take – either sign up or leave …

You can find this landing page at  And notice how it differs from their home page which offers a lot of information but doesn’t tightly offer only ONE option for a visitor to take.

You can visit their main landing page here

When you study their landing page you ll notice that they greet you with an informative well done video and offer you a free guide to download and immediately get the visitor to interact and start to get to know Chip.

Are you doing this yet?

Imagine what it would be like for visitors to your site to be greeted by you in a video welcoming them to your website / web store and perhaps answering any immediate thoughts or objections or common questions that any visitor would have visiting you and your site for the first time?

And what could you give them that you know for sure would make them want to give you an email address so that you could continue to market to them over a series of emails or videos ?

It comes down to the knowing your websites numbers and knowing that the slightest increase in conversions can make a very big difference to your revenue.

Let say you’re a mortgage company that profits $3,000 per loan. Your website gets an average of 500 visitors every month.

Let say 10% of those visitors become prospects by signing up or giving you their contact information. Of those possible 50 prospects 10% of those or 5 become customers and make you a profit of $15,000 for the month ( 5 x $3,000)

Now we redesign your website to maximize conversions and instead of 10% of visitors converting to prospects 12% convert for an increase of just 2%. ( A small improvement as we’ve had clients improve their conversion rates by 30% or more but lets keep our example here conservative for now).

This increase would lead to 60 prospects in your funnel instead of the normal 50 and lets assume the same conversion rate to customers or 10% which would mean you now have 6 customers for the month which means your profit would be $18,000 or a $3,000 per month increase or a $36,000 increase for the year!

This calculation doesn’t even consider what the Lifetime Customer Value of a new customer is to you.

Now once you’ve captured your new visitors information and they’re a prospect how do you follow up on them?

Well the real power in capturing your visitors information is that you can continue to market to them with email and videos and increase your conversions to customers over time. As I’m sure you know most sales aren’t made until the 7th time you’ve made contact or in this case the 7th email or video sent. That may vary slightly depending on the industry you’re in but its a pretty safe benchmark. Think about the last time you made an important personal or business decision picking a new company to deal with . It probably wasn’t an immediate decision but one where you gradually gathered information. That’s is the power of email and video information sequences . It’s your opportunity to develop their trust and make the sale over time. To learn more about this process please visit here Business Introduction

If you’re not making your website interactive and creating this customer attraction process you need to think about doing so right away as you’re probably losing a lot of potential customers and the revenue that they represent. To learn more about this whole process and to implement it for your business today just contact Jack here!